Posted on Jan 15, 2018

Welcome 2018 - Happy New Year Calgary-Fort!

Welcome 2018 - Happy New Year Calgary-Fort!

For Albertans, Canada’s 150th anniversary has been one of celebration, reflection and resolve. With every New Year, we reflect on our past and envision our future. Last year we commemorated Canada’s history and in Alberta worked hard building the future we choose. We have begun reaping the rewards of that exciting future, but there is more work to be done!

Our 2018 New Year’s resolution and promise is to continue to work hard every day to make life better for all Albertans for years to come. If you’ve been following the news, you know that our government has been consulting with Albertans ahead of Budget 2018. Please provide your feedback as to what programs and services should be protected and where government can find savings. Visit to find all the ways you can provide us with your thoughts. In the mean time, I am happy to report Alberta’s economy is looking up – retail sales are up, construction is up, drilling activity is up and jobs are up, too. We boosted our growth forecast twice in 2017. We expect the province grew by 4% that year.

While not every Albertan is feeling it and there’s more work to do, the province is experiencing a broad recovery. It’s now time to focus on a path back to budget balance while protecting public services important to Albertans such as health and education while continuing to diversify our economy to create  jobs. I will keep working hard each day to ensure the recovery is felt by all Albertans.

It is always an absolute pleasure to meet folks while I’m out and about, discuss your concerns, celebrate your achievements and represent your voices in the Legislature.

Once again, please feel free to visit my website to see photos from these events, and be sure to drop by my OPEN HOUSE at Dover Community Hall, on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018 from 3:00-6:00 p.m.

Thanks for reading!        

- Joe