Posted on Nov 25, 2016

Thank you Calgary-Fort!

Calgary-Fort Telephone Town Hall

I'd like to thank all of our Calgary-Fort constituents who took the time on November 14th to participate in our Telephone Town Hall. We had a great turnout, with the number of attendees at approximately 1665. Your questions were engaging and thought-provoking and helped to bring a tighter focus around the issues and concerns that really impact the constituents of Calgary-Fort.

A majority of participants indicated that jobs and the economy should be top priority for your MLA. This is why I'm working to ensure the Alberta Jobs Plan is steadily creating new job opportunities and helping Albertans to get back on the right track. Through the plan’s implementation we are supporting infrastructure investment, business development and economic diversification, working to make Alberta more inclusive and more resilient.

The outlook for 2017 shows improvements to the economy, and we will continue to work hard to get there. Once again, my sincerest thanks for taking the time to participate and provide me with your invaluable feedback, I am always available to listen and learn.