Posted on Jun 26, 2017

Celebrating two years of achievements

With the spring session drawing to a close, I'm reflecting on some of the great things I've been working on alongside my colleagues in the legislature. Here are some of the updates I think are most important to share with my constituents:

Working to Make Life Better

  • To make sure that no child is hungry when they are at school, the School Nutrition Program was expanded to all of Alberta’s school boards for the 2017/18 session.
  • It can be really difficult for seniors on low incomes to get to specialist medical appointments. Knowing this, the government provided funds to cover the cost of transport, accommodation, and other expenses that crop up in these situations, so that seniors have better access to specialist medical care.
  • Libraries are community hubs, and to make sure they are equipped to meet the needs of Alberta’s diverse and growing population, they got a  funding boost to improve access to facilities and the range of services they are able to offer.

Making Life More Affordable

  • Changes to employment norms means that people no longer stay in one career their entire working lives. The cost of re-training for technical jobs can be a significant barrier to getting back to work. An additional 1,000 Apprentice Training Awards were provided to help Albertans get back to work.
  • A shortage of childcare places in Alberta means that the cost of childcare can be too expensive for families, especially those on lower incomes. Funding has been allocated to pilot $25 dollar a day childcare at 22 Early Learning and Childcare centres.
  • The Alberta Child Benefit is a new addition to the improved Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit (AFETC), that aims to put money back in the hands of low-income families. If you have one or more children aged 18, your family’s net earnings are less than $41,746 a year and you have lived in Alberta for at least a month, all you have to do is file your tax return as usual, and the benefit will be applied.

Creating Jobs and Building a Diversified Economy

  • CO2 emissions can be harmful if large quantities are released into the atmosphere. One of the ways to reduce harm to the environment is to convert those emissions into useable products, which can then be sold to increase revenues. Natural Resources Canada and the Government of Alberta are each committing $10 million to build a research facility (Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre) in Calgary, to test these new technologies. Transitioning to a clean energy future will not only save the environment but also create stable, well-paid jobs.
  • The new Deerfoot Interchange at Deerfoot trail and 212 Avenue will create more than $4 billion worth of economic opportunity and 25,000 jobs.
  • The Alberta government has contributed funding to build 8 new schools, replace 9 and modernize 7. This will create 6,800 new spaces and replace 6,000, across 15 municipalities. This is aimed at meeting the needs of Alberta’s growing population, which includes many families with children. The 26 projects will also create over 6,000 jobs.
  • Investing in new jobs includes creating opportunities for traditionally marginalized groups to engage in the economy. The Making Changes Association will receive $100,000 in funding to train and prepare Indigenous and immigrant women for careers in technology.

Making a Difference in the Lives of Albertans

  • Cancer patients in Edmonton and Calgary will have their treatment hours expanded to include evening and weekend care, which will be available at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and the Cross Cancer Institute.
  • To help more Albertans access care right in the communities where they live, funding for home and community care has been increased.
  • People working to overcome addictions often struggle to find safe, affordable housing. Funds were invested to support 46 individuals in Calgary who are recovering from addictions, and their families.


As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact my office. Thanks for reading!